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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 31, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: helping us get around but also opening up a whole new road for criminals. >> you have arrived. >> reporter: lloyd towers, fox news. the news keeps coming, will thomas in for brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. local protests over a deadly attack thousands of miles away. a former u.s. ambassador was on board one of the ships stormed by israeli command doughs. those vessels on a humanitarian mission to gaza. roz plater starts off the news edge tonight with the death toll, the protests and israel's reaction. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, will. the former ambassador is chevy chase resident edward peculiar. his wife told me -- edward peck. his wife told me he got an e- mail from the israeli government saying he's fine and will arrive in new york tomorrow but won't have his cell phone. all this now as the protesters are turning up the heat on
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israel. >> reporter: just outside the israeli embassy, then in front of the white house, hundreds of protesters rallied against israel's deadly seizure of an aid flotilla headed for gaza. some of the protesters were jewish. >> i think it's an absolutely appalling act israel did. there was no reason to do it. israel is acting like a bully and everywhere you turn, israel says everybody is a terrorist. >> reporter: the trouble began monday morning as the israeli navy raided a flotilla of aid vessels headed for the gaza shim. aboard one of those ships, a violent clash that left at least nine dead and others wounded. israel says the flotilla violated its naval blockade and blames the violence on the activists and organizers.
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>> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: white house issue add statement expressing regret over the loss of life and says the administration is working to understand the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. the protesters are calling on the president to take a stronger stance. >> worldwide reaction has been very strong but here we haven't been strong enough. >> reporter: the pressure is mounting. turkey has pulled its ambassador and the u.n. held an emergency session condemning israel's actions and calling for an investigation. >> roz, as you know, there is a white house connection. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu canceled tomorrow's visit to the white house. the obama administration says the president and the prime minister agreed to hold the talks at the first opportunity. the latest now on a developing story we first told you about at 5:00. a mother and daughter swept away in the potomac and still missing tonight.
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rescuers have called off the search at least for now. fox 5's roby chavez live in the newsroom. where do things stand now? >> reporter: the current is swift and the water is high and on a -- add in a hot day and you have a dangerous combination along the potomac river. for four hours rescue crews worked in the air, land and water to search for the 36-year- old woman and her daughter. tonight that has been called off. a u.s. park police helicopter flew low over the river for most of the day and rescue boats searched several miles along the river and the shore. witnesses herd screams at -- heard screams at about 5:00 this afternoon. initial accounts are that the mother may have gone in to save her teenage daughter. at one point there were at least seven rescue boats working the river. many ever the experienced kayakers along the river joined in that search but for now it has all turned up nothing. >> we heard what sounded like yelling from across the river up where a difficult run comes out. and it looked like guys were racing up and down on foot. so i immediately paddled up to
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where the people were, asking them and they were all standing in one place. i was yelling at them to try and spread out and basically i started checking the eddies. >> the current is deceiving. it may look like flat water on the top but there's definitely currents beneath the water and rocks. there's also tree branches that are underneath that could hold a swimmer down. >> reporter: as far as we know, there was a large gathering as you can see there on the rocks near the water near difficult run. experienced boaters say it is the most dangerous part of the potomac river. each year authorities warn people swimming is not allowed in the potomac. last year six people drowned in those very same waters. the search for these two will resume at 8:00 tomorrow morning. we're live in the newsroom, roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> thank you. the news edge staying in maryland. a family's moving day erupted into chaos in new carrollton and ended up shutting down the bw parkway for hours today. two movers started fighting about how to get a heavy piece
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of equipment and furniture out of a house. then one attacked the other using brass knuckles. investigators believe the attacker then took off and a moving van slammed into a neighbor's car. >> it just sped and banged into our van and then sped away. so we started screaming and saying stop, stop, you hit our van. but then he just kept on going. >> police say the driver went on to u.s. 50. then tried to hit a cheverly police officer. then caused several accidents on the bw parkway shutting it down for hours. everyone involved in the crashes is expected to be okay. officers arrested the suspects in howard county. the news edge on d.c. with the aftermath of a weekend full of violence. police are investigating four separate shootings in just four hours between sunday night and this morning. college student oscar rubio was shot to death at 9th and crittendon northwest when out
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with some friends. three other people survived shootings in three different areas in d.c. a disagreement between two neighborhoods led to the shooting in chinatown. another deadly attack in d.c., this one inside the congress heights metro station. 21-year-old lawrence perkins, a college student visiting here for the summer stabbed sunday morning. police are investigating whether the attack started as a robbery. other metro riders are anxious to know what happened. >> i am concerned about it. i take the train every single day, you know. i don't want to get off the train and something happens to me and my daughter. so i am very concerned about who did it and whoever done it, i hope they catch him. >> another man at the station had minor stab wounds to his hands. police say he did not know perkins. so far no arrests in the case. it could take bp several attempts before any effort to cap the gulf oil spill has a prayer of working. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> will, the best chance for a fix will not happen until at
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least august but even that could be exextraordinarily difficult. the drilling in the right spot, well, the company says it's like trying to hit the target the size of a dinner plate more than two miles underwater. south africa is trying to put to bed rumors the world cup could be the target of a terror attack, this as police beef up their security training. south africa is hosting the soccer championship starting june 11. authorities have been working with intelligence acts from itself u.s., britain and the rest of the 29 countries participating in the games. a california mom says she found her missing kids on facebook. her son and daughter disappeared 15 years ago. she says she searched facebook for her daughter's name and found her living in central florida with her father and son. her ex-husband has now been arrested and charged with kidnapping and child custody violations. the nation is pausing to remember those who may made the ultimate sacrifice, including those who served in sigh hence.
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but -- silence. but their final resting place is making their voices heard. the timely messages still ahead. a muggy memorial day but what can we expect for the workweek? sue, we're hoping a break from these temperatures. >> we'll have to wait a while for that. at least we dodged most of the thunderstorms. we may not be so lucky tomorrow. i'll have the forecast coming up. a quick check of the rundown. your news edge at 11:00 is coming right back. 
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vice president joe biden paid his respects at arlington national cemetery this memorial day. he placed a wreath at the tomb of of the unknowns. he hailed america's service men and women as the spine spine of our nation. he attended the ceremony on behalf of president obama who faced some criticism for not participating this year opting for a cemetery visit in chicago instead. >> we don't want anybody being
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struck by lightning, all right. >> severe weather forced president obama to postpone the speech he planned to deliver at the abraham lincoln national cemetery near chicago today. he asked the crowd that gathered to go back to their cars for safety. before the storm the president laid a wreect at the -- wreath at the cemetery and paused for a moment of silence. mr. obama delivered his speech to the troops at andrews air force base tonight when he returned home. the military's ban on gay service members is back in the headlines as lawmakers debate the repeal of don't ask don't tell. tonight a look at how some veterans used their tombstones to send messages about the policy they viewed as unfair. jessica stone visited congressional cemetery to learn their stories. >> reporter: as congress inches towards a full repeal of don't ask don't tell, more than a million gay veterans and service members are watching. it's a military fight for equality that's decades old. in congressional cemetery where memorials to the path abound
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lives the grave site of one who looked to the future when being a gay veteran would no longer carry a stigma. mat graced the cover of "time" magazine in 19775. now his head stone reads, quote, they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one. melissa took her friend to visit the cemetery as the nation remembers its veterans. days ago the house passed a repeal of the controversial don't ask don't tell policy which prevents gays from serving openly in the military. since 1994 more than 13,000 gay service members have been fired under don't ask don't tell. 800 of them have been mission critical troops. then there are those like this man who continue to advocate against the law. there's no record of veteran tom swann's death on his stone, just one of his message, a message that increasingly resonates with the public. >> i have no idea what the big deal is. it makes no sense to me whatsoever. >> i don't want people to feel afraid of being able to say who they are. >> reporter: even one ever the
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architects of the law, general colin powell said this weekend he supports the repeal. >> i think it is perfectly acceptable to get rid of the law and the policy. >> reporter: but admiral mike mullen, chairman of the joints chief of staff had hoped congress would wait till the pentagon finishes surveying the troops. >> ideally i would like a legislation to wait until we've completed the review so we can look at how to implement it. >> reporter: under the bill pentagon leadership still gets the final say over when and how the repeal is conducted. but for leonard matlovich and those buried next to them, the fight still goes on. on capitol hill, i'm jessica stone, fox 5 news. >> the pentagon's review of the possible refeel is expected to be done by the end of this year. it is the law in many states, club the district but that is not stopping a lot of folks from testing and -- from texting and driving. coming up the technology that's showing drivers just how dangerous it can really be. 
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at giant, enjoy quality meats and the freshest produce at prices you can handle, like sweet white rn, 12 for $1.99, and porterhouse steak, $4.99 a pound. this week only. feeling good out what i making. that works for me. itself massive oil spill in the gulf is getting ready to hit all of us in the wallet. a lot of local restaurants depend on the gulf for shrimp, oysters, crab meat. sam's on the waterfront in annapolis used to get half of their shrimp from that region before the disaster. they've now have moved to a plan b. >> we've switched where we get our shrimp and we're now bringing it in from either locally from the eastern shore or we bring it in from north carolina. i think the game plan is to isolate fish from different regions that are safe and we're
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sure are okay for customers to eat. >> and don't be surprised if the impact of the spill spills into menu prices as well. apple's dominance continues. the company announced it sold more than to million ipads in less than two months since first launching the tablet. apple just began selling the ipad in parts of europe and asia friday. it's unclear what portion of the two million are domestic seams. the must have mobile media machine will be available in nine more countries by july. new technology is great but if you have doubts about distracted drive, check out the simulator developed by the university of massachusetts. as fox's molly lyme reports, it's showing drivers why there's a need for road safety. >> reporter: we've all seen it. drivers swerving, veering, holding a cell phone or fingers tapping out a text. now a high-tech driving simulator is proving just how dangerous it is to get behind the wheel when your focus is elsewhere. >> you can't stop for things
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you can't see. >> reporter: created for arbella insurance by engineers from researchers at the university of massachusetts at amherst. dubbed -- [ indiscernible ] it even has its own lingo with buzzwords. the program aims to drive home the consequences of being distracted while behind the wheel. here the consequences are simulated. in real life they can be deadly. according to the national highway safety administration, 6,000 people died and a half million were injured in accidents involving a distracted driver in 2008. the insurance c.e.o. john don high. >> what we try to get across are the consequences. you're not only going to hurt yourself. you might hurt a lot of other people. >> reporter: cities and states across the country are
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grappling with the problem considering legislation that puts the focus back on our roads and on saving lives. in taunton, massachusetts, molly line, fox news. let's turn to weather now and what we've been hearing from sue palka during the 10:00 and leading up to your forecast now is the forecast isn't looking exactly pretty. >> it's a little mud muddled. it will certainly be hot and we'll dodge a couple rounds of storms this week, especially tomorrow and again on friday. those are the big picture headlines but we'll get into the specifics here. it is certainly a sultry night across d.c. humidity was higher earlier in the day. it dropped a little bit. the atmosphere got a bit more stable as we got into the evening hours. and for the most part we were able to dodge storms. i know some of did you see them, especially just west so a good one in clarksburg, too. that moved up into howard county. headline wise we're talking about this thing. a pretty warm week. most of the week in the upper 80s. tomorrow some showers and storms, especially in the afternoon. we'll watch that closely for you in the weather center.
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wednesday looks sunny and dry. i don't think we'll have to worry too much in the way of storms. very late wednesday into the first part of thursday, a couple of early showers could go by in the overnight hours and thursday night into friday another round of showers and storms to keep an eye on. it will be a fairly busy week. you know it's really starting to feel very summer like isn't it? all of a sudden especially as we turn the calendar page tomorrow is june 1, first day of the first three months of meteorological summer. today's high temperature 91 degrees. plenty of company. check this out. rochester was 88 degrees. detroit 78. st. louis 89. lots of heat and all of that is still going to be hanging around tomorrow so we're headed right back to the upper 80s. our temperature still at 81 degrees at this hour. a few spots have dropped into the comfortable zone. martinsburg 72 degrees. manassas 79. culpeper 75. most of us will be pretty warm overnight. in terms of showers and storms, we've had some clouds. a few patches of showers. can't rule out something more
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might formulator tonight. the best chance of that still will be west. we can already see tomorrow's weather on the weather map. a line of showers and storms. this is starting to diminish because of nighttime. there is still a weak front that will be plowing into our rather unstable atmosphere tomorrow afternoon. that's why we think we'll have another round. not so much in the warning. i -- in the monk. we get into -- in the morning. we get into 2:00, showers are starting to develop. our futurecast isn't showing a lot in the way of thunderstorms but we still think it's possible. by 7:00 still some lingering showers and then most of it is out of here. very late wednesday night we'll watch this line. our indications are this will just kind of dissolve into a couple of showers that pass by pretty quickly in the overnight. but we are expecting our temperatures to get right back up to 87 degrees tomorrow. it will be humid, not as hot as today because not as sunny. wednesday with the sunshine we're up to 88 degrees. thursday partly sunny and late thursday into friday, more scattered storms. perhaps a few will linger on saturday as well. that's your five-day forecast but it's getting exciting in
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the sports office. dave ross says he knows when strasburg is going to make his first start for the nats. i'm pitting a strasburg warning into effect, dave. we'll be right back. ♪ how many ways can you be comfortable? an ergy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% onour cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and tter for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier.
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♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ wherey fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪ ♪ let freedom ring ♪ ♪ hello, everybody. dave ross in for dave feldman on this memorial day. june 8 will be definitely a date to remember. because it's soon to be delivered stephen strasburg will make his major league
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debut a week from tomorrow. get your tickets now if you can. before the nats game today against the astros it's not stephen strasburg but -- bases are juiced. you want me on that wall. you need me on that wall. three runs will come around to score. the nats take a 4-1 lead. they were far from done. zimmerman safe at the plate. this is ryan zimmerman at the dirk. oh, no, wait. the pitcher is a little upset. thought that was a strike. the home plate umpire is going to run him right out. billy comes out. wait a minute. that's my guy. you can't throw him out. yes, you can. you are done. nine runs for the nats in the 7th. they go on to absolutely hammer the astros 14-4. now coming up tomorrow while the wizards only have three weeks to go before the nba draft, most insiders believe they will draft the
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point guard john wall with the first overall pick but you still need the backup. today a local product was hoping to make an impression just in case the wiz kids choose to take to point guards when draft day arrives. gilbert arenas and the new owner on hand to check out who else graevis vasquez. he's 6'6", got great height for an nba point guard. he's a proven leader. >> i know what i've got to do. it's all about attitude, you know. you have to be positive the whole time and then showing a good -- being a good teammate and getting guys better, especially -- i'm a point guard. >> more -- [ indiscernible ]
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top seeded serena williams, the last american lady still alive. she does what serena does. overpowering her opponent 6-2, 6-2. she moves on to the quarter finals. how about the men? this is the last american. taking on novak. here comes the lob. oh, no, there go the feet. what do you do? give me some pushups. one, two, three, four. he loses in four sets. stanley cup final game two, blackhawks hosting the flyers. this is philly's daniel carsillo taking out his own teammate. where's the love? i thought we were in philadelphia. no, we're in chicago. the blackhawks very eager. he scores right there beating the flyers. hawks win 2-16789 they lead -- 2-1. they lead two games to one. navy not in this one. it's notre dame and duke tied up at 5 and overtime, only
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takes five seconds to end it. the game winner, first goal ever this year. duke wins 6-5. thanks everybody who serves in our great country. we will wrap up the edge with will thomas in a moment. 
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